CCW/Tactical Training

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Experts comprised of the following:

  • Former Omaha Police SWAT
  • Current and Former Law Enforcement
  • State Certified Instructors

CCW – Concealed Carry Weapon

Upon completion of this course, the student will have the ability to handle dangerous encounters when faced with IMMINENT THREAT TO LIFE.
The individual will be able to safely, responsibly and effectively use the concealed handgun for the protection of life.
State certification granted to those after successful completion of this

Advanced Handgun/Pistol

This course is designed for the individual(s) with the basic understanding, knowledge, and handling of firearms. Instructors will build upon these skills specific to each individual. Smooth is Fast – Expert Instructors will teach the techniques and skills allowing for faster shooting with a higher degree of accuracy. This course is a fast-paced practical training experience preparing students to handle the most challenging tactical shooting situations with increased confidence.

Home Defense

The Home Defense training system will take the basic skills of each individual to a dynamic level. By integrating the basic shooting skills, adding vital combative tactics and rapid decision making practices, Instructors will provide a plan of action to defend your home physically, legally, and psychologically.
The training is heavily focused on conditioned responses and the variances to understand and become capable of defending the client’s actual home. It is not a simple paper target, tight shot pattern course, rather a broad range tactical case specific learning experience. Expert Instructors will assess, evaluate and formulate the mentioned plan of action based on a wide array of aspects; ranging from the floor plan of the residence to case specific demands of the individual and/or family.

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