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D-TECT’s Investigators are comprised of former and current Law Enforcement with decades of expertise in conducting in-depth investigations ranging from Homicides to simple theft. D-TECT is not a law enforcement agency, although many techniques and standards are derived from professional law enforcement. The experience and expertise only few have gained. While conducting investigations over the past decades, unsurpassed working relationships have been built and maintained with those in the Legal Profession.

D-TECT provides attorneys and lawyers with the intel and investigative support they need to assist their valued clients with the complicated issues brought to their Firms. Due to time constraints, those in the legal profession depend on the Investigative services provided by D-TECT.

D-TECT has an immense array of cutting-edge data bases providing literally billions of records and data, allowing D-TECT to be that unlimited source of intel and information to the respected client.

Whether it be conducting a simple Locate, working directly with Personal Injury Attorney Firms regarding the tragic death or serious injury connected to an automobile crash or other unforeseen event. A Criminal Defense Lawyer in need of the review of a Police report. Assisting a professional Divorce Attorney with locating certain hidden assets, providing the valued client personal protection during a heated divorce or possible stalking type scenario, a simple case of the other side avoiding service of legal process – the scenarios are endless.

D-TECT Investigations, LLC delivers unrivaled investigative and consulting services to attorneys and lawyers in all facets and specialties of the legal profession, both locally and throughout the United States

  • Person/Property Locates
  • Comprehensive Reports and Searches
  • Video – Audio Surveillance
  • Legal Process Service
  • Client Protection
  • Domestic/Stalking Cases
  • Asset Searches

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