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Security Problem Solved

When I needed a company I could trust and depend on to help solve a security problem at one of my commercial properties, I hired D-TECT Investigations.

The main Investigator’s background in law enforcement, in addition to his knowledge in this profession quickly solved my security problem in a timely and affordable way.  That’s why D-TECT gets all my business.

Charles J. Vacanti Jr.

Vice President
Vacanti & Randazzo Companies


Charles J. Vacanti, Jr.

D-TECT, is one of my most trusted experts

Fast, efficient and has an eye for detail. He always goes above and beyond in his work. Anyone can do the “legwork”, but D-TECT brings to every job the experience, insight and thoroughness that only comes with the training and service of a Professional Investigator.
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Matthew Lathrop